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We were super excited to see the online article published by Massage Magazine that showcases the portable bars we manufacture.

Although the use of overhead bars works well for practicing Ashiatsu, it isn’t a practical solution for everyone. Massage therapists made repeated requests for a simplified version of the technique, one that was portable for onsite mobile massage or for use in situations where it was impossible to install overhead bars. Massage Magazine

When we developed the portable Ashiatsu Floor Bars, the original goal was for therapists to have a way to practice their skills at home or on outcalls.

What I have learned is there are MANY reasons a therapist may choose Ashi Floor vs the overhead bars.

Some therapists have issues with vertigo and do not want to stand on the table, some have limited mobility and the floor option is a safer way to address the barefoot work, many therapists adapted the floor work during the later stages of their pregnancy, and one student could not comfortably hold onto bars above her head…so the Barefoot Bars allowed her to learn a modality she thought was forever out of reach!

Massage on the floor? Really? How does that feel for the client?? When I teach the floor class or deliver barefoot bodywork on the floor I absolutely use padding under the client! Every time I have received bodywork on the floor, I almost immediately forget that I am not on a massage table. I have found cushions for patio furniture work great as they are not too wide, extra thick yoga mats are also ideal. I keep rolled up towels handy for support under my client’s shoulders and use a standard sized pillow for ankle bolstering.

Why Use Portable Bars for Ashiatsu?

Portable bars allow you the flexibility to offer an Ashiatsu Massage anywhere! Out in the parks, across town at various health fairs, and downtown at the Farmers Markets!

Ashiatsu Floor Therapy utilizes a mat on the floor for the client. The massage therapist may use a stool for stability and support, or they may use the newest option of portable Ashiatsu bars for the floor. These bars are light and a suitable for the office, mobile massage and outdoor events. They look like two short ballet bars.


This portable system allows massage therapists an easy, convenient way to set up for on-site events. We keep the bars in stock and they are ready for shipping within 72 hours of purchase. There is some assembly required, we provide a manual (PDF) and YouTube videos with instructions for putting them together.

Online courses for NCBTMB credit are coming soon! Most of the overhead moves are the same, however, over the last 3 years we have discovered several adaptations for floor work will be showcased in the new training! You can imagine once you transfer this bodywork to the floor, there are several advantages- one of the main ones is walking room for the therapist. The floor work allows for many new movements, including some seated work for the lateral aspect of the client’s body!

The Barefoot Bars are in stock and sell for $499 (includes shipping)